Cocktail List

The restaurant also offers a well-priced Italian inspired wine list, Italian beers and cocktails to complement the menu selections.

cocktails and dreams:  it’s 5 o’ clock somewhere

tropical bellin
mango puree, prosecco

liquid aloha
bacardi limon, orange curaçao, orgeat syrup, muddled lime

westin mai tai
light rum, orgeat, orange curaçao, tropical juices, dark rum floater

sky blue hawaii
pineapple vodka, blue curaçao, orgeat, lemonade, freshly muddled lime

cucumber collins
muddled lemon, sugar, cucumber vodka, soda, fresh cucumber

dolce vita bellini
prosecco, amaretto, strawberry

aloha bella
square one basil vodka, fresh pineapple and basil, effervescence

pure pleasure
x rated liqueur, passion fruit vodka, cranberry and pineapple juice

maui negroni
ciroc coconut vodka, sweet vermouth, campari

orange in the coconut
ciroc coconut vodka, fresh lime and orange juices, coconut water

capri fizz
bombay sapphire gin, limoncello, prosecco

pulehu cooler
ciroc coconut vodka, fresh lime, melon liqueur, strawberry puree

pono manhattan
bulleit bourbon, carpano antica vermouth, bitters served up

Featured Cocktail: Maui Mule

pulehu mule

wine is a handshake, beer is a hug

peroni, amstel light, samuel adams, heineken, corona, firerock pale ale, longboard lager

bikini blonde, big swell IPA

st pauli girl (non-alcoholic), budweiser, bud light

Macallan Ice Sphere

Enjoy whiskey on the rocks the way it should be. With the Macallan Ice Sphere, you can enjoy your whiskey's pure essence without it being diluted over time.

Ask your server about the Macallan Ice Sphere and enjoy your whiskey the right way tonight.


Offerings are subject to change.